At Benefit Analyst, we offer superior insurance benefit programs.

Group Medical

We work with employers to identify a plan that best suits the needs of their employees and is within budget for the employer. At that point we evaluate the marketplace for the best value in price along with the most comprehensive network.

Group Life Insurance

We develop programs that allow employers to offer this very affordable yet valuable benefit to their employees. There are options in structuring such contracts. After evaluating such options, the employer makes the choice that best suits the needs of the employees.


It has been determined that dental care is important to a person’s overall health. Dental Insurance remains very popular even on a voluntary basis. Network evaluation is critical in selecting the proper plan. Creative plan design such as high/low options are offered for medium to large employers.


Vision is a very affordable and widely popular plan. Vision care is also tied to overall mental health. Plans can be designed with an eye to group demographics and usage.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

Any Financial Planner would tell you that the most important thing a rank and file employee can do is protect their paycheck. This is what disability insurance does. To get the most value we try to implement plans that come with guaranteed issue offerings and limited preexisting clauses.

Supplemental Plans

With the advent of the affordable care and the ensuing shift in cost to employees these plans have become more popular. Whether it be accident, critical illness, cancer, or gap plans, more people are taking advantage of these benefits. Identity protection and pet insurance are now also available through payroll deduction.


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