At Benefit Analyst, we offer superior insurance, administration, and benefit programs.

Group Medical

We work with employers to identify a plan that best suits the needs of their employees and is within budget for the employer. At that point we evaluate the marketplace for the best value in price along with the most comprehensive network.

Group Life Insurance

We develop programs that allow employers to offer this very affordable yet valuable benefit to their employees. There are options in structuring such contracts. After evaluating such options, the employer makes the choice that best suits the needs of the employees.


It has been determined that dental care is important to a person’s overall health. Dental Insurance remains very popular even on a voluntary basis. Network evaluation is critical in selecting the proper plan. Creative plan design such as high/low options are offered for medium to large employers.


Vision is a very affordable and widely popular plan. Vision care is also tied to overall mental health. Plans can be designed with an eye to group demographics and usage.

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

Any Financial Planner would tell you that the most important thing a rank and file employee can do is protect their paycheck. This is what disability insurance does. To get the most value we try to implement plans that come with guaranteed issue offerings and limited preexisting clauses.

Supplemental Plans

With the advent of the affordable care and the ensuing shift in cost to employees these plans have become more popular. Whether it be accident, critical illness, cancer, or gap plans, more people are taking advantage of these benefits. Identity protection and pet insurance are now also available through payroll deduction.


Our clients are encouraged to outsource COBRA Administration through Third-Party Administrators or Human Capital Management Firms. We assist clients by obtaining proposals and evaluating the best firm for them to use.

Flexible Spending Accounts

A win-win savings solution for both employers and their employees. These plans are administered by a Third-Party Administrator. We work with employees during onboarding, and open enrollment to educate them and determine how much they may wish to contribute to save on out of pocket medical and other approved expenses.

HSA/HRA Accounts

These accounts are tied to the employer health plan. If the employer chooses to offer a High Deductible Plan we work with employees during onboarding and open enrollment to educate them into making the proper decision for their personal situation.

Section 125 Plans

Administered by a Third-Party Administrator or Human Capital Management Firm. We work with employees during onboarding and open enrollment to educate them on the benefits that can be pre-taxed and illustrate the savings.

401(k), 403b, 457 Plans*

These retirement plans based upon your organization tax status are administered by our associates at Wealth Solutions LLC.
*Administered by Wealth Solutions LLC

Human Capital Management

The comprehensive set of practices for recruiting, managing, developing, and optimizing resources of an organization. Our firm assists clients in determining if they should consider engaging an HCM firm. Should the client wish to proceed we consult during the evaluation process and assist in the selection of the firm that best suits our clients needs.

HR Information Portal

Each of our clients are granted access to our HR portal. This is a one-stop source for not just insurance but all compliance, HR, wellness, risk management, safety and other business needs. With this tool, you can:

  • Take control of compliance – Find valuable resources about OSHA, safety regulations, health care reform, HIPAA, FMLA and much more; get answers to common questions and have access to a variety of forms, notices and disclosures.
  • Manage open enrollment start to finish – Find all the resources you need, including employee communications, forms and more.
  • Access sample policies and procedures to help create or customize your Employee Handbook.
  • Create and maintain a safety culture with employee safety resources, benchmark surveys, workers’ compensation information and more.
  • Create and maintain a wellness program with step-by-step guidance, wellness newsletters and more.

Electronic and Online Enrollment

We use cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the latest data analysis, as well as legislative, communication and human resources administration tools. Using powerful Web-based applications, we provide our clients with unsurpassed efficiency and access to information. We can provide a variety of educational resources, checklists, presentations and guides to your employees with the tools they need to succeed during your open enrollment period.

Benefit Administration Systems

For larger employers, we work to implement benefit administration systems. We access the highest rated BenAdmin systems available i.e. Selerix, Employee Navigator, bSwift. These systems are integrated with the carriers and can provide access 24-7/365. These allow for tracking life events, eligibility, and provides customized reporting. It is a true management tool for the Human Resources Department.

Wellness Programs

We encourage clients to incorporate wellness into their benefits program.  This is done not only to try and manage claims cost, but it is proven that a healthier workforce is more productive.  Onsite screenings, healthy lifestyle programs, smoking cessation, discounted gym memberships and more.  It is our experience that employer incentivizing these programs provides the best results.

Industry Benchmarking

With data from over 19,000 employers and 32,000 plans nationwide our benchmarking tool allows us to drill down and show our clients how their plan stacks up.

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